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50th Anniversary of COMBOIS

In September 2017 COMBOIS celebrated the 50th anniversary on Mallorca, Spain. That means 50 years of working together and exchanging experiences, 50 years of learning from each other, 50 years of friendship.
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AGM 2016 - Denmark

This years host for the Annual General Meeting was Nicholaisen A/S. The meeting took place in Copenh...
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Jann Bjoerne sen. passed away

Jann Bjoerne Senior, Norway passed away on 19 April 2016 – two weeks and 5 days before his 90th bi...
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AGM 2015 - China

COMBOIS held its Annual General Meeting in Shanghai, hosted by member company Homag China Goldenfiel...
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AGM 2014 - Norway

Norway was the destination for our yearly event - we visited Alesund on the west coast and Loen. Our...
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AGM 2013 - Germany

The Annual General Meeting took place in Dresden, Germany from 28 September to 2 October hosted by t...
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Peter Kleinschmidt is elected as Honorary President

During the Annual General Meeting COMBOIS hold 2012 in New Zealand, Peter Kleinschmidt (photo ...
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AGM 2012 - New Zealand

COMBOIS held its 2012 Annual General Meeting in New Zealand, hosted by member company W & R Jack...
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AGM 2011 - Chile

Importaciones Limaq Ltda. from Chile welcomed as host for this year's Annual General Meeting all mem...
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AGM 2010 - USA

Hosted by its United States member Stiles Machinery COMBOIS met in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Septem...
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AGM 2009 - Spain

Hosted by its Spanish member MAESMA the international member countries of COMBOIS e.V. met in Bilbao...
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AGM 2008 - Sweden

Our member Mared J. AB Ingenjörsfirman chose Jönköping for our Annual General Meeting in Septembe...
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2007 - 40 Years of COMBOIS.

Our member Albricci s.r.l. invited all members to hold the Annual General Meeting in September in It...
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AGM 2006 - Japan

COMBOIS e.V. held its 2006 Annual General Meeting in Nara, the original ancient capital of Japan, ho...
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Meetings 2005

AGM in Seewalchen, Austria hosted by Handl Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG (Picture shows Dr. Peter Handl, his parents and an employee)
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Meetings 2004

Annual General Meeting hosted by Austro Engineering Pty Ltd. in South Africa (Picture shows the delegates.)
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Meetings 2003

In this year COMBOIS held three meetings: the Service Meeting, Meeting at Ligna and as every year the AGM - in Portugal.
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Meetings 2002

Savecrest Machines Ltd. was the host for the Annual General Meeting in Great Britain/York.
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Meetings 2001

The Annual General Meeting took place in Hongkong hosted by Goldenfiled Woodworking Machinery Co. Ltd. Long term Secretary Paul Kühnhenrich retired.
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Meetings 2000

In September the Annual General Meeting is hosted by Romac N.V., Belgium.
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Meetings 1999

Annual General Meeting in Switzerland/Zurich is hosted by Spoerri & Co. AG
(Photo shows Peter Rechsteiner, owner of Spoerri and his wife)
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Meetings 1998

This year's AGM takes place in Denmark/Arhus hosted by Nicholaisen A/S.
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Meetings 1997

Annual General Meeting in Norway is hosted by A. Falkenberg Eftf. A/S.
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Meetings 1996

Photo shows participants of the AGM in the Netherlands/Papenbrecht by Klingelnberg-Klauss B.V.
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Meetings 1995

Picture shows COMBOIS President Joseph Rosa, Peter Rechsteiner and Niels Nicholaisen during the Annual General Meeting in Finland/Lahti hosted by Tekma OY.
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Meetings 1994

Delegates during the Annual General Meeting in USA/Grand Rapids hosted by Stiles Machinery Inc.
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Meetings 1993

This year three meetings take place: the Info-Meeting, one extraordinary Annual General Meeting and the yearly AGM in Germany/Freiburg hosted by Heinrich Kuper GmbH & Co. KG
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Meetings 1992

The members come together for an Info-Meeting, Fair-Meeting and the Annual General Meeting in Sweden.
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Meetings 1991

The Ligna Meeting in Germany/Hanover was this year's first meeting. The Annual General Meeting in Belgium/Antwerp hosted by Romac N. V. is held then in September.
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Meetings 1990

The Info-Meeting in April and the Annual General Meeting in Switzerland in September are the highlights for the COMBOIS members this year.
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Meetings 1989

The picture is taken during the Annual General Meeting in Denmark/Arhus hosted by Spema A/S in September.
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Meetings 1988

Picture shows Dieter Augustin (Germany) and the COMBOIS Secretary Paul Kühnhenrich during the INTERBIMALL meeting in Italy/Milan. The Annual General Meeting takes place in the Netherlands.
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Meetings 1987

An Info-Meeting in Germany/Munich and the yearly General Meeting are hold. Host of the Annual General Meeting is A. Falkenberg Eftf. A/S, Norway.
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Meetings 1986

March Info-Meeting Munich, Germany Main Topics: CNC- Machines, determination of performance specifications May: Interbimall Meeting in Italy/Milan October: Annual General Meeting in Germany/Paderborn
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Meetings 1985

March: Info-Meeting in Germany/Munich Main Topics: Panel sizing systems and cutting pattern optimization with NC and CNC, diamond tooling October: Annual General Meeting in Germany/Düsseldorf
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Meetings 1984

March: Info-Meeting in Germany/Munich

October: Annual General Meeting in Germany/Düsseldorf

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Meetings 1983

February: Info-Meeting in Germany/Wiedenbrück Main Topics: Packaging Machines, NC + CNC Machines May: Ligna Meeting in Germany/Hanover November: Annual General Meeting in Germany/Düsseldorf
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Meetings 1982

February: Info-Meeting in Germany/Frankfurt Main Topic: Review of Control Systems September: Annual General Meeting in Denmark/Århus hosted by F.L. Bie New President Jann Bjørne sen.
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Meetings 1981

March: Info-Meeting in Germany/Garbsen September: Annual General Meeting in Finland/Lahti hosted by Tekma OY
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Meetings 1980

February: Info-Meeting in Erlangen, Germany October: AGM in Lisbon, Portugal hosted by Brehm SARL
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Meetings 1979

May: Ligna-Meeting in Hanover, Germany September: AGM in Zurich, Switzerland hosted by Hans Heid AG New President: Sven G. Stenberg from AB Sigfrid December: COMBOIS-Cigomac-Meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany
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Meetings 1978

February: Info-Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark May: Interbimall-Meeting in Milan, Italy and Fimma-Meeting Valencia, Spain September: AGM in Venice, Italy hosted by Elmag S.p.A.
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AGM 1977

This year's AGM takes place in London, Great Britain - hosted by Interwood Ltd. The delegates vote Heinrich Kuper for Honorary President.
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Meetings 1976

The AGM takes place in Antwerp, Belgium hosted by Robor N.V. in May
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April: AGM in Oslo, Norway hosted by A. Falkenberg Eftf. A/S
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AGM 1973

In late summer the AGM take place in Barcelona, Spain.
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AGM 1972

This year's AGM takes place in Nassjö, Sweden in June. Company AB Sigfrid Stenberg, one of the founding member, hosts the meeting.
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Meetings 1971

The AGM takes place in Vienna, Austria in January 1971. The Info-Meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany (September) has Plastic Technology for the main topic.
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AGM 1970

Elmag S.p.A. is the host of the AGM in Monza, Italy.
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Meeting 1969

An informal meeting with all founding companies is held.
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Meetings 1968

Host of the 2nd AGM is in August the company Robor N.V. The AGM takes place in Antwerp, Belgium. An Info-Meeting then takes place also in Belgium in September 1968.
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The Beginning of COMBOIS

June 1967 | Foundation of COMBOIS (Interessengemeinschaft führender europäischer Holzbearbeitungs...
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since 2013


Mats Mared
Mared J. AB Ingenjörsfirman

2007 – 2013


Fritz Peine
Heinrich Kuper GmbH & Co. KG

1991 – 2006


Joseph Rosa
Romac N.V.

1989 – 1990

Hans Heinrich Kuper
Heinrich KUPER GmbH & Co. KG

1982 – 1988


Jann Bjoerne sen
A. Falkenberg Eftf. A/S

1979 – 1981


Sven G. Stenberg
AB Sigfrid Stenberg

1975 – 1978

Eugène Chambon
Chambon S.A.

1972 – 1974

Hans Heid
Heid AG

1967 – 1972


Heinrich Kuper
Heinrich Kuper GmbH & Co. KG