In September 2017 COMBOIS celebrated the 50th anniversary on Mallorca, Spain. That means 50 years of working together and exchanging experiences, 50 years of learning from each other, 50 years of friendship.

Social program on weekend

A varied social program on a weekend encourged the communication between the members. The welcome reception took place on a vineyard. The Ribas winery of Consell is a reference in Mallorca for winemaking. With its over three-century-old history, it is the oldest winery of the island. Located in one of the listed stately homes from the 18th century that has been preserved intact to date, with its original historic barrel cellar and winemaking warehouse. COMBOIS got a guided tour and dinner in the wonderful garden. A drum workshop on one of the following days gave the COMBOIS memebers a sense of community spirit, wellbeing and positive healing through the transformational process of group rhythm.

Board is re-elected, two meetings in 2018

During the following two days meeting delegates reported about their economic situation and exchanged new business ideas. All members agreed to have again a service meeting with the managers and service managers in 2018. CNC Automation, the exclusive member for Canada will be the host for the 2018 AGM event.

The COMBOIS Board with Mats Mared as President, Robin Jack and Andrew Legault as Vice Presidents are re-elected for another year. All three accept the vote. The new board thanks all delegates for their confidence.

History of COMBOIS and todays members

COMBOIS was founded in 1967 through an initiative by Heinrich Kuper, Germany, with the mission to exchange technical know-how and practical experience between the members. The founding members were initially based in Europe, but today COMBOIS has 12 members from countries all over the world. Currently, Combois members represent the following countries: Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and USA. New members from other regions of this world are expected to join in the near future. The current members jointly employ a workforce of over 1,100 highly specialized individuals and achieve a combined sales volume of over EUR 575 million.