This years meeting was held in the Netherlands at our member De Groot Bewerkingsmachines BV.

In order to manage the ever extending demand of qualified service, the meetings of service managers is the right platform to build programs in a team effort for service concepts and innovative service products. On 3 and 4 of April the service meeting took place in the Netherlands at our member De Groot Bewerkingsmachines BV. All mangers/owners and the service managers of the COMBOIS members participated.

During every meeting the continuous improvement of the member’s service department and key performance indicators are reported. Lively discussions about new ways of doing service business, the innovations and opportunities in the fields of parts, service, technical support, education and rebuilding machines take place.

This year the COMBOIS group visited also two customers of different size: G. Hermes Machinale Houtbewerking B.V., founded in 1995, is specialized in manufacturing wooden facade elements, window frames, doors, folding walls, sliding doors and windows for new constructions and renovations. All products are manufactured to customer requirements. Much smaller was van Boven Machinaal Timmerbedrijf B.V. Impressing was the very good equipped carpentry with modern cnc-machines.

During the service meeting all member reported about their progress in implementing new tools, re-organizing the service department, improving workflows and KPIs from their position last year – all for achieving a better customer service regarding technical support, training, rebuilt service, parts etc.
Lively discussions, exchanging experiences and a three years outlook gave lots of ideas to each member.